Sunday, January 09, 2022

Creating/Documenting your Lego designs

I recently needed to create a lego build instruction for the Lego team that I coach. I have used Lego Digital Designer, but that tool has been discontinued.

I found that the new tool the community uses is called:  Bricklink Studio and it can be downloaded from: Studio Download [BrickLink]

When you need to add parts, you can do it via the Palette Config:

The sets I imported are:

  1. 51515 - Robot Inventor Mindstorm
  2. 45678 - Spike Prime Set
  3. 45680 - Spike Prime Expansion Set
  4. 45300 - Wedo 2.0

And here are some links to additional parts you might need:

LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor Set 51515 part list and Studio part files (

Studio Spike Prime - Google Drive (via CAD.pdf (

CustomParts-51515 - Google Drive (via CAD.pdf (

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