Sunday, August 13, 2006

Open source Licenses

Recently, I was looking into the different kinds of licenses available for open source software. Specifically I was looking into the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL). Most of the main pages such as the GNU site ( is so full of legalize that I just could not figure out what I had to do to comply with the license. The best that I found was this page for the CGAL library, that tells me what I have to do with the LGPL license. The Lesser General Public License gives you the right to use and copy the code freely. It is also possible to modify the code under the condition that the resulting modification is released as source code under the LGPL with any binary distribution that you may do of a resulting application using these LGPL parts. And these are some other links that I found along the way: Here is a page on different kinds of Open Source licenses. Open Source Initiative OSI - Licensing And this one is for all GNU Licenses :

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