Friday, June 15, 2007

ESRI and interoperability with Google Earth and Virtual Earth

Standards & Interoperability

Q: Does ESRI have an interoperability strategy to work with or integrate its tools with Google Earth and Virtual Earth?

Yes, currently ESRI supports KML as a standard part of the ArcGIS Desktop (export layers and maps to KML) and ArcGIS Server platform (KML services). Our next release will fully support KML 2.1.

ESRI is also actively working with both Microsoft and Google to improve interoperability procedures within ArcGIS 9.3 that will allow users to directly publish ArcGIS services into the Microsoft Virtual Earth and Google Earth environments and facilitate access to ArcGIS services from these applications. In addition, we are exploring how ArcGIS Desktop and Server can integrate Web services from these organizations for use within GIS applications.

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