Saturday, June 09, 2007

WhoLockMe & Unlocker: Determine the app thats locking a file and unlock it!

Ever needed to delete a file and Windows reports that it cant because it is locked! Usually occurs to me when I need to clear out the %temp% folder.... and it bugs me to no end! I used to run the ProcExp.exe tool which would report which process had the file locked and I would then kill the process after which I could delete the file. No more long drawn steps - Unlocker comes to the rescue and its free. It even adds a context menu - USEFUL as hell! And you can use WhoLockMe now, to determine via a context menu - which app has your file locked! WhoLockMe Explorer Extension v1.04 beta (NT-Win2K-XP) download page UNLOCKER 1.8.5 BY CEDRICK 'NITCH' COLLOMB

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