Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Toucan Navigate : Desktop App utilizing Virtual Earth

"Toucan Navigate is an easy-to-use desktop mapping software that lets you display your information over readily available detailed road maps and satellite images from Virtual Earth." Toucan Navigate -Create a meaningful geographic representation of your Excel spreadsheets. -Display Virtual Earth road maps and satellite images and overlay map (GIS) files created by your state and local government agencies. -Connect to a GPS. -Locate addresses and routes. -Collaborate and share your map views with others via MS Office Groove, SharePoint and SQL Server. -Work on/off-line. The best features are: It lets you use VE in on/off-line mode. Allows you to view ESRI shapefile data on VE maps. Allows you to view any excel type data on VE maps. They have a free version on the website: It will be interesting to see what kind of licensing agreement they got from Microsoft. As far as I know - the only way to do this legally is by embedding a browser window in a desktop app. Trying to get to their tile-servers directly is not allowed (but maybe thats why they had to release a free version of their tool).

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Hi Raj -

There's a new release available now, more of same, fewer bugs.