Friday, June 15, 2007

What is ESRI working on beyond 9.3?

ESRI International User Conference 2007 - Questions & Answers: "ArcGIS Q: What is ESRI working on beyond 9.3? In the next release after 9.3, we plan to integrate a number of long-term development projects that users have been requesting for for many years. The general themes for this release are simplification, enhanced performance, Internet integration, and geodatabase integration. Simplification. This release will modernize and streamline the user interface, integrating all the existing functionality into a single easy-to-use application. This application will support a variety of user requested enhancements including multiple layouts and ready-to-use application templates. Enhanced display performance. We are rewriting our graphic display engine (replacing the Windows display pipeline). This will increase display performance by many times, provide several new capabilities for cartography, and provide platform independence. Internet integration. This release will further integrate Internet capabilities with both our client and server technology. Geodatabase integration. GIS data, maps and globes, geoprocessing models, metadata catalogs, and related workflows will all be integrated into the geodatabase."

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