Friday, December 21, 2007

Wireless Home Theatre System

The one reason that I don’t have a home theatre system right now is that my wife forbade me from having wires hanging or snaking across our living room. There are some solutions out there - but most of them are wireless only for the rear speakers and are typically analog solutions.

Finally NeoSonik has come up with a solution that is completely wireless and in addition is digital. (This means less interference - the hissy crackly noises that can make you feel like you are sitting in a dollar theatre).


The system is scheduled to be released in 2008 at the CES show. But at a cost that could range from $6k to $15k - I don’t think I will be getting a home-theatre system any time soon. (My biggest problem with the projected price is that I most probably will be able to get a Bose or Onkyo system and pay for a professional to hook the wires through the walls or do it myself, and still be left with a good deal of change)

But nevertheless - its a cool new product - that is more that overdue in the market.

Come to think of it - I wonder how hard it would be to leverage the home WiFi connection to create your own wireless digital solution?

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Anonymous said...

o, the price is rite. i want this for christmas.