Thursday, March 06, 2008

In quest of 20/20 - LASIK

What happens during the LASIK surgery:

These images show what happens during the LASIK eye operation.


The eyes are cleaned and a eye drop is used to numb the eyes.


An instrument is used to keep the eyes open


A suction ring is placed around the eye - which lifts the cornea - making it easier to perform the next step.


A microkeratome is used to make a small flap. (If you are using in the interlase procedure, then instead of a mechanical device, a laser is used to make the incision for the flap).


The suction ring is removed and The flap is lifted up


A laser is used to reshape the cornea - to correct for your prescription. During this time you will most probably be asked to look at a blinking light - so that your pupils remain centered. At the same time another laser tracks the position of your pupils and automatically corrects for movements in your eye. In case the laser detects that your pupils have moved by more than a threshold amount, the machine will automatically shut down and the doctor can restart from where the machine left off. The laser works by burning away portions of your cornea - so that the cornea is reshaped to compensate for your prescription.


Once the laser has completed reshaping the cornea, the doctor will fold the flap back into place.

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