Saturday, March 08, 2008

LASIK - Day 0

dr-anderson-9newsSo I have chosen Icon Lasik of Denver as the facility that will perform my LASIK eye surgery. The doctor recommended the NIDEK machine for my eyes. 

Dr. Timothy Christianson performed the procedure. The whole procedure of going under the machine, getting operated and then walking away from it must have taken less than 7 minutes. The steps were exactly as outlined in my previous post "In quest of 20/20 - LASIK".

I was able to see almost immediately after stepping up from the operating seat - though the vision was blurry - as is to be expected. I felt no major pain or discomfort (I was given a valium and aleve).

Once home, I taped an eye shield over my eyes and hit the sack.todd-park-mohr

(Dr. Rick Anderson - top right and Dr. Timothy Christianson - bottom right)

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