Monday, March 17, 2008

LASIK - Week 1

When I started writing about my LASIK experience - I wanted to write my daily experiences for the first week. But I didn't - because the first week was hard and I didn't want to write a post when I had some doubts about the entire procedure.

imagesSo first with the good news - its been 10 days - and I am feeling great about my repaired set of eye balls!

Monday to Friday of the first week was really the hardest set of days. As I had to work during the week - I think that viewing the computer screen for hours on end, definitely added to the strain I was putting on my eyes. 

  • Mornings - it was hard to even open my eyes. IMG_5423
  • The night before - I would have to put some funky eye shields to protect the flaps as I slept. This by far was the most irritating part of recovery. The shields went on with tape. They felt awkward while I slept. And when I woke up it was hard to take them off - as the tape really sticks to your skin!
  • I had to remember to put 2 sets of medicated eye drops into my eyes every four hours.
  • My eyes felt gritty and dry.
  • Sometimes I almost felt like poking them out - as the dryness would get really troubling. 
  • In the mornings - my computer screen felt a little blurred.
  • I would get head-aches off and on - I think caused by the strain of working continuously for 9+ hours everyday.
  • During night time driving - street lights and on coming head-lights would have a halo/star burst around them.
  • Driving in the sun - needed sun-glasses otherwise my eyes would hurt.

That as you can see is a long list of post-operative problems that I had. And when the pain or dry-ness in my eyes would reach the highest level - many times I wondered if I really should have gone for the LASIK treatment. Also - many times - I felt as though I couldn't see as well as I could with my glasses. (Remember - to begin with I had a pretty low prescription for my eyes. I am sure if you had 1.5 or over in your eyes - you would see a change almost immediately and it would all feel worth it from day one).

Even on the day of my one week appointment - I did not feel as though I was able to see as well as I could with my glasses on pre-LASIK.

But I can drive around without my glasses - what a relief. I can buy any damn sun-glasses that I want - no more prescription based ones - that I have to be extremely careful with - least I forget them - especially on a trip. All these small things are what makes LASIK so worth-while.  14a-10000bc-promo-1

Finally yesterday I decided to go to the theatre to watch 10,000 B.C. Now before - whenever I went to watch a movie - I had to remember to take my glasses. If I forgot them - it was not going to be fun. The movie would be a blur, I would have to trouble somebody near me to read off text on the screen - which my friends hated - especially in a crucial scene in a movie. Many times, when I forgot my glasses, I would turn back home to get my glasses - again not a very popular move with my friends.


But this Sunday - I intentionally went to the movies without my glasses. Really had no idea of what to expect. Now, 10,000 B.C is a movie that is set in - you guessed it right - 10,000 B.C. So obviously the actors speak in some 10,000 B.C. language and hence the movie was peppered with sub-titles. Sub-titles that if I had missed - then the movie would have probably been a truly boring movie (Not that it wasn't as is - again - that's another post). I was able read each and every one of the sub-titles. No problems at all. (This after 3 glasses of Irish beer - it was St. Patty's day after all). No head-aches after the movie.... no irritated family or friends. Proof that indeed the LASIK procedure had made my life better. smile_teeth 


What helped through this first week were preservative free eye drops. I used them almost every hour or as soon as I felt my eyes dry up. (The times I felt like pulling out my eyes - were when I got too caught up with work and would skip the artificial tears). So here is my advice for the first week:

  • Be patient - your eyes are healing - and you might not get to 20/20 right off the bat.
  • If you work with a computer a lot - try and get a timer going - that reminds you to look away every 20 minutes at something at least 20 feet away.
  • If possible try and get a few minutes of shut eye after 4 hours of work.
  • Use preservative free tears as often as you need.
  • Don't let your eyes dry out - as that hurts and probably adds to the strain on your eyes.
  • Speak to your doctor - he is your best resource. Any time you feel pain in your eyes - or your eyes begin to feel strange - it probably is a good idea to talk to your doctor. And if he is not around - or doesn't take your call - then obviously you chose the wrong doc and he definitely is not from Icon Lasik of Denver. smile_tongue

As I go forward - I only expect my eyesight to get better. My next appointment with the doctor is in 6 weeks.

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