Sunday, April 06, 2008

LIDAR in India


Here is a recent news article on how India plans to use LIDAR technology in The Telegraph - Calcutta (Laser Light on Terror)

Airborne Altimetric LiDAR Where does India stand?

The Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur (IIT-K), seems to be at the fore-front of LIDAR research in India. Here are some links from that organization.

IIT Kanpur page on LIDAR: Dr. Bharat Lohani is part of the Civil Engineering department at IIT-K and does most of the research into LIDAR.

International School on LiDAR Technology: : A workshop on LIDAR that is currently in progress at IIT-K. This is the workshop that the news article from "The Telegraph - Calcutta" references.

LAS Convertor : A convertor utility that allows you to move between LAS formats as well as to ASCII.

Limulator : LIDAR data capture simulator. The simulator generates LiDAR data similar to a real LiDAR sensor for further display and analysis


Shameless self-plug:

LIDAR Analyst : The LIDAR tool created by my group at VLS for automated feature extraction from LIDAR data.

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