Friday, April 04, 2008

Why should you be recycling more?

Hopefully the following video will show you why:

And here is more information if you are interested:

PBS Podcast:

The cause of the plastic cloud is a natural phenomenon called the Gyre - a swirling vortex of ocean currents - and here is more information on how it causes the plastic cloud:

The natural currents combined with the fact that plastics do not bio-degrade - they disintegrate in the presence of sun-light. This results in the plastic pieces that slowly keep disintegrating into smaller and smaller pieces until they are plastic molecules. At this point they just float around as nothing can degrade them further. And unless we find a solution - these molecules are going to keep floating around making the oceans one large plastic cloud. This causes further problems - as it contaminates the fish as well as pollutes beaches.

Finally, this is not a new phenomenon:

Bottom line: Its a problem caused by humans - and an easy solution exists - recycle - at least your plastics!

Coz like diamonds - plastics are FOREVER!


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