Saturday, October 03, 2009

Windows 7 Tips

  1. Command prompt here
    Up until Windows Vista, we had to download a registry hack to get the option to start a command prompt from Windows Explorer.
    In Windows 7, just press shift and then right click on a folder and presto, you get the option “Open Command Window Here”.
  2. Presentation Mode
    Press Windows Key + “P”. You get a window that allows you to quickly choose where the video from your computer is directed:
  3. Windows + “Home”: Minimize all windows except the currently active one
  4. Start apps as administrator (“Run as Administrator”): Click on the application icon with Shift and Ctrl buttons pressed.
  5. Use Sticky Notes: Search for Sticky Notes
  6. Windows Power Shell - Batch scripts evolved: If you need to write complex batch scripts, check out Windows Power Shell. And while you are at it, try out the Windows PowerShell ISE (Integrated Scripting Environment) as the editor for creating and editing these scripts. (Search for PowerShell ISE)

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