Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sharepoint Site Permissions

Changing site collection administrators:

- Central Administration > Application Management > Site Collection Administrators

- Choose the site for which you want to change the administrator for. (the sites can be chosen from the drop down box called “Site Collection”)

- Once you have chosen the correct site, set the “Primary site collection administrator” and “Secondary site collection administrator” (you cant set this to a group)

Add users to the site:

You need to be a site collection admin or a user with appropriate rights for the site, to be able to add/remove users to a site. (see above).

Once you have sufficient privileges to access the site go to the site.

- Site Actions > Site Settings (this is drop down on the right side of the site)

- Under “Users and Permissions” select “People and Groups”

- Click New and Add User or Add Group and add the user to the site

- Set the correct permissions for the user

The above steps are useful when you need to change access to a TFS Team Project Site and for some reason the TFS administration console does not work for you. (Happened to me after upgrading to TFS2010 and the migrated site would not show up in TFS Administration Tool)

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