Saturday, April 17, 2010

Upgrade to TFS 2010 via migration – All Green!!!

After almost 16 hours of non-stop fiddling with all the installation settings and configurations…. I got the all green page on my TFS migration.


I plan on posting the in-depth steps that I took later, but here is a basic overview:

0. Backup all the databases from your old server

1. Installed SQL Server 2008 Standard

2. Installed WSS 3.0 SP2

WSS 3.0 only setup a the SharePoint Central Administration Site (SCAS)

I had to create a new Web Application

- SCAS –> Application Management –> “Create or Extend Web Application”

- Created a web application, with a new IIS site called “Default Web Application” with port set to 80. Also set it to use the DefaultAppPool. Left all the other settings at their default.

- Once the site came up, I restored the WSS_Content database from the old server to the new SQL Server. Once that was done, I attached the content database to the new site (web-application in WSS terminology)

- Attempted to visit one of the sites – but it did not work…. I was hoping maybe a TFS component was not installed and that was why the site was not working… so I planned on returning to this later

3. Opened up Reporting Services Configuration Console

- Restored the 2 reporting databases from the old server and then attached them to the reporting server

- Under Encryption Keys, I needed to delete the keys and reset all the account information

- visited the site to make sure everything came up.

4. Restored all 7 TFS databases from the old server onto the new server

5. Installed TFS2010 Server

6. Opened up Sql Server Management Studio and logged into the Analysis Server component and deleted the TFSAnalysis database.

6. Configuration dialog for TFS2010 server came up.

- Under configuration: chose the Upgrade option

- Got green on the verification.

- ran the installer

- got green on the completion.

Unfortunaltely…. the only thing not working for me right now…. is the Sharepoint portal for each of my Team Projects…. all other parts seem to be working correctly.

More to follow.

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