Saturday, April 17, 2010

TFS 2010 Upgrade Problems – Missing Team Project Portals (Scrum Template)

In my previous post (Upgrade to TFS 2010 via migration – All Green!!!), I had written about how I had successfully upgrade through migration our TFS 2008 installation to a 2010 installation. After a little more checking I found this was not entirely true; some of the Team Project portals dont come up!

It looks like the one project that I have that used the MSF Agile template comes up correctly. But all the other ones that use the Conchango v2 Scrum template dont come up. (I get a 404 error). I am trying to find a solution and will blog about it if I find one. If you have had a similar problem – please leave a comment…. I am at wit’s end… having spent almost 2 days trying to get the upgrade to TFS 2010 to work.

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Unknown said...

Hi Raj, did you solve the problem with the missing portals? No one seems to be providing any help on the ScrumforTeamSystem forums, I guess they just want to sell consulting :(