Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Google Search–Cheat Sheet


Search only one website
example: admission site:www.stanford.edu
(Search Stanford Univ. site for admissions info.)

Search within a
range of numbers
example: DVD player $100..150
(Search for DVD players between $100 and $150)

linked pages
example: link:www.stanford.edu
(Find pages that link to the Stanford University website.)

Info about a page
example: info:www.stanford.edu
(Find information about the Stanford University website.)

Related pages
example: related:www.stanford.edu
(Find websites related to the Stanford University website.)

Only the word sock, and not the plural or any tenses or synonyms

~auto loan
loan info for both the word auto and its synonyms: truck, car, etc.

definitions of the word computer from around the Web.

red * blue
the words red and blue separated by one or more words.

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