Sunday, August 08, 2010

JustCode free offer for MSDN subscribers

Telerik is offering its code refactoring tool “JustCode” for free to MSDN subscriber for the next 3 months (August 1st, 2010 to October 31st, 2010).

I have been using ReSharper 4.5 for a while now and have been pretty happy with it. On my newest machine with 4gb of RAM it works fast and I never felt like it slowed Visual Studio down for me. But ReSharper 4.5 works only with Visual Studio 2008 and my next project is going to be using Visual Studio 2010, so I might just get a chance to work with JustCode and see how well it works and with a free license, the entire team can be using it.

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Todd Anglin said...

Enjoy the JustCode license! We are eager to hear your feedback and work quickly to make JustCode the tool you want to use in VS.

As you start using JustCode, feel free to send your feedback to me (anglin [at] telerik com). I'll be happy to connect you with the product team!