Friday, July 27, 2007

DVD image mounting / DVD drive emulation software - Free

Recently I downloaded the image for the VS2008 beta2 bits. The file was of the img format - obviously a DVD image. I have an older version of Nero - which would not recognize the .img extension. So I started searching for some free DVD image mounting software (though Nero has one too). Here is the list that I came up with. (Anyways if you change the .img extension to .iso - Nero recognizes the file and burns it too! Also if you have DVDDecrypter or ImgBurn - both of them can write the img file to a DVD) Here is the List of free DVD drive emulation / DVD image mounting software: CloneDriveFreeware, no spyware or ad-ware Works in VISTA and XP (does not work on Windows Vista 64 bit edition) Microsoft Virtual CD ControlPanel Freeware, from Microsoft - so its safe - no spyware or adware. Not the easiest interface to work with. Works in XP but not in Vista. Unsupported tool (is'nt all freeware?) some more info on the tool: Daemon Tools This used to be my favorite free tool for mounting DVD images. Unfortunately the free version now comes with ad-ware that gets thrown into your browser. And I am not sure if it has spyware or not. Though the old 3.47 version does not have ad-ware and can be got at: Only the latest version works in Vista (all versions work in XP) Oh and as far as paid tools go - I like Nero, though Roxio has a mounting app too. And if what you want a DVD image mounting/emulator app is only to play DVD movies, then you can use the Video LAN player, which can play DVD images without any extra software.

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