Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Ten Commandments of Business (Community) Leadership

"The Ten Commandments of Community Leadership" is Maury Forman’s newest book, which he co-authored with Michelle Harvey of the Association of Washington Cities. To me the ten commandments listed in the book could just as well be renamed as "The Ten Commandments of Business Leadership" - as in my opinion any business owner should attempt to run their business by. (ordering information is available at this website:
  1. Thou shalt create a vision for the future
  2. Thou shalt develop a strategic plan
  3. Thou shalt build a sustainable economy for the next generation
  4. Thou shalt seek public/private partnerships
  5. Thou shalt invest in education and training
  6. Thou shalt promote respect
  7. Thou shalt demonstrate a high standard of ethical behavior
  8. Thou shalt value history, art and culture
  9. Thou shalt prepare for a global environment
  10. Thou shalt develop future leaders

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