Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Halo 3 Pre-Launch Party

Just returned from the Halo-3 pre-launch party and I have got to say - the game is awesome. I am not sure what hard-core players of the previous 2 versions think - but this one is really fun. And the graphics is out there too. I got to play the game in hi-def on the XBox360 elite machine - and the detail was just amazing. One cool new feature is the theatre replay system - where you can experience the replay of the game out of your body. So you can fly around and watch the game from the perspective of others or create a movie like a movie director. And these clips can be saved and shared using the XBox live system. On the left is the cool swag that they gave away at the pre-launch party - a poster and a Master Chief T-Shirt. The Halo3 game I won in a draw. Finally - kudos to the team that organized the event here at Denver. It was a fun experience.
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