Monday, September 17, 2007

Yahoo! MapMixer - Wow!

I have previously reviewed Microsoft Research's Map Cruncher and was blown away by it when it came out. This week Yahoo! premiered its latest map offering MapMixer and it blows me away even further. It is MapCruncher on speed for the every day user. 1. It is an online application. 2. In relatively few clicks you can get your custom map done by overlaying your own data-source on Yahoo!'s imagery. 3. Yahoo! hosts the data. In my opinion MapCruncher is still very cool - especially for somebody who needs control over the overlay to a fine detail. Also for someone who has a tile server and can host the data, Map Cruncher is very good. Finally Map Cruncher can digest PDF maps. But for the every day user - for simple mash-ups MapMixer is fast and hassle free. Check out this sample I created, which is an overlay of the University of Montana at Missoula's campus map. I had it done in less than 2 minutes with maybe as few as 10 clicks - AWESOME!

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