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image SkEyes Unlimited designs, integrates, and commercializes off-the-shelf LADAR systems for colorized three-dimensional terrain mapping, stabilized wide field-of-view cameras for situational awareness and teleoperation safety, and autonomous planning, navigation, and control systems for unmanned aerial vehicles.

Skeyes Unlimited

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Working in a university basement lab and a workshop in Zelienople, SkEyes Unlimited has developed a Box, Cam and Laser that has the potential to help with search and rescue missions, terrorist attack surveillance, even national defense. The Box is a state-of-the-art laser detection and ranging system. Mounted under an unmanned 7-foot helicopter, a Yamaha RMAX, it flies the helicopter while mapping the terrain below to within two to three inches of accuracy.

At $400,000 each for the Box, “they aren’t flying off the shelf,” says Omead Amidi, the lead researcher, co-founder and a research faculty advisor at The Robotics Institute. Japan has purchased several for construction site monitoring and disaster assessment and the U.S. Dept. of Defense has purchased three. The purchases are helping to keep the company going while research to bring down the price is ongoing.

Interesting papers by Skeyes:

Determining the transformation between the sensor’s coordinate frame and the robot’s reference frame. (link)

Change detection using a video camera. (link)

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