Tuesday, October 07, 2008

iPhone Apps - MBox Mail for accessing HotMail

This demo looks very interesting. MBoxMail is an iPhone app that allows you to access your HotMail (Live Mail) account on the iPhone.


The most exciting part about this application is that it supports synchronization between the view of your hotmail account on your phone and the view of your account via the HotMail page. (Unlike the POP3 access method that I blogged about previously, where when you read or delete mail from your iPhone - the changes are not reflected on the web page).

I haven't yet had a chance to test this application as it is not yet available in the Apple iPhone App Store. I am definitely waiting to test it out.

MBox Mail


Anonymous said...

Now you can get Hotmail right on your iPhone. m•Box mail gives you all your folders and email in an easy to setup application.

Here is more information: http://www.mfluent.com/mboxmail.php or just search for "Hotmail" in AppStore.

Anonymous said...

how can i do more than one acct with this? i have a @hotmail acct, and a @live acct.

Brendan said...

Hotmail now appears to be supported on the iPhone, with or without a plus account. I just added my details and found, unlike when I last tried a few months ago, that it connected fine and started displaying messages.

Perhaps Microsoft have finally caved...