Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finally – a GPS navigation app for the iPhone


XRoads has released a $19 app for the iPhone that can be used to replace your navigation GPS. It looks awesome and has a review, that basically gives it good points, except for the fact that its costly ($40 for the whole of the U.S – the map is sold in 2 pieces eastern and western U.S.). Also, it needs almost 1gb of space for each app (which in one way is good – the map data is on the phone and so you wont need a wireless connection all the time).

I can’t wait to get this app onto my iPhone. But I will probably wait for the next release, when all the bugs are ironed out. (I hope that the app can be used in the horizontal orientation in a future version – I have only seen pictures of the app with the iPhone in the vertical orientation).

Check out these YouTube video demos:

And here are the scores that gave the G-Maps app:

Ease of Use: 12 of 15 points
Routing: 13 of 15 pts
Map Quality: 5 of 10 pts
POI Content and Accuracy: 9 of 10 pts
GPS Accuracy: 8 of 10 pts
Multimedia Features: 4 of 5 pts
Mounting Kit: 4 of 5 pts
Voices: 0 out of 5 pts
Design: 5 of 5 pts
Value: 20 of 20 pts
Total: 80 out of 100 pts

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Ian said...

GPS is the way to go according to Ian!

In my recently published novel for pre-teens, the main character, Ian, (one of Santa’s helpers), tries to convince Santa of the benefits of using GPS. You know, just in case something were to happen to Rudolph. Santa is reluctant to change. Ian accompanies Santa on Christmas Eve and what happens next will go down in history.

All the best!
Eric Dana Hansen
Author of “IAN, CEO, North Pole”