Monday, March 30, 2009

Send emails in Hindi – GMail Transliteration

Google today released its automatic transliteration technology for emails in Indian language (via the Official Google Blog). This means that you can type out words as they sound in hind and Gmail will automatically translate them to their Indian script. From my limited testing, I found it works very well…

Here is a video of my test of the technology.

imageThe english text that I typed: “Namaste India, yeah GMAIL hai!” (namaste, this is GMail) –> नमस्ते इंडिया, येः जीमेल है!

To be able to take advantage of the automatic transliteration, you need to turn it on using the GMail toolbar: 

If you do not see the Indian language button, then you need to enable transliteration from the Settings –> Languages menu.


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