Monday, August 31, 2009

Terminals – A Remote Desktop Connection Management Tool

If you work with multiple remote desktop tools or if you have used RoyalTS and have butted heads against their 10 connection limit, then this tool is for you.

Terminals is an OpenSource Remote Desktop Management tool that allows you to keep track of multiple RD connections.

The cool features that I have found till now:

  1. Unlimited connections
  2. Manage connections by tags (not by just a folder)
  3. Update password for all your connections in just one action (using the tags to target specific connections).
  4. Its free and open source
  5. Havent had any problems yet!

Download it from

My only suggestion: when you setup a connection,

1. Setup all your connections by going to “Favorites” ==>  “Organize Favorites”. You can setup all your connections in one go.
2. Tag your connections for easier management.
3. Set the View to “Scale to Window” (otherwise it looks a little funky)

If you find any useful features leave a comment on this post.

Oh! and by the way – donate to the project if you find the tool useful.

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