Thursday, August 06, 2009

Twittering for your organization

Twitter is geared for the individual user (a shared login is used to access the account). This model does not work for organizations. allows you to associate up to 6 people with a single Twitter account (at least thats the limit for a free account). Each user logs in with their own email id.

CoTweet allows you to monitor tweets that target your organization. It also allows you to assign tweets targeted at your account to different users for follow up. I am still learning all the features, but the tool is very cool.

Now why didnt I think about creating this tool?

Important: Dont use tools that ask you to provide them your Twitter login details (password). Instead, use tools that use OpenAuth to talk to your Twitter account. (CoTweet does this).

Other useful tools:

  • – URL shortening tool. Also provides tracking of click throughs. (another important tool to determine how much your Twittering is impacting the use of your site)
  • – Backup your tweets (security** – does not use OpenAuth and asks you to provide your twitter password – BAD!)
  • – View trends/monitor topics that matter to your organization (uses OpenAuth) – Very cool tool.
  • – Automate different Twitter related actions (eg: automatically follow people who follow you)

Twitter monitoring and grading tools

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