Sunday, September 13, 2009

The future of computers – what does the iPhone point to?

I have had the iPhone for over a year and I use it all the time, all over the place. It reminded me of an essay that I had written while I was applying to graduate school. In that essay I had written about how I envisioned a future where the Internet and computer devices were ubiquitous in our lives – making us productive – not only by helping us do our work better, but by sharing our knowledge with others.

I just saw on ABC news a report on how the iPod touch was being used in schools to replace books and provides a whole new way of teaching students (saves paper, information is instantly updated, research can be done at any time – and the student could be texting instead of studying!)

The news program made me think of what computers might look like 10 years from now and here is some day dreaming:

Devices like iPhone will have the same amount of power and memory as my desktop and laptop machines. Just like today, I will be able to use the device on the go to do my work (browsing, checking my mail and other useless stuff). As soon I get home or work, I will be able to plug the device in to a dock and will be able to use the entire power in the device using a large screen monitor and keyboard. (The desktop screen will support multi-touch and will allow me to use gestures to get a lot of work done). In addition, I will be carrying a touch-enabled screen in my back-pack, which I can pull out when I need to do work on the go, plug in the pocket device and be able to do what I normally do with a laptop today.

And remember, I am thinking of a device that is as big as a iPhone. But over time, the devices will shrink and could even end up being as small as a watch.

But for now I would be happy with a iPhone sized device that would be the center of all the other devices that I use in my world.

Snap! Snap! waking up…. need to stop day-dreaming! :)

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