Thursday, September 03, 2009

When not to use Bit.Ly urls

When the case of the letters in the URL cannot be conveyed – then you should not use Bit.Ly. A perfect example would be when you need to give some one a URL over the phone (or a podcast) – unless you dont mind saying “uppercase A, lowercase x, uppercase C”.

Here are some examples: – goes to MSDN article “When to Use MSDE”. – goes to an article on – goes to (a weird dating site!)

You get the idea!

Use the TinyURL service if you dont want your URLs to be case sensitive:

All of the above resolve to the same MSDN article.

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Aalaap said...

When I created Lincr, I faced this dilemma as a developer. Case-insensitive short URLs will ensure easy readability and less confusion, but case-sensitive URLs means you get a million more URLs in half the amount of letters, so to speak.

But I decided that it's more important to have people read and reproduce the short codes even if copy-paste is unavailable, so I went with case-insensitive URLs.