Saturday, September 12, 2009

My First Ever Mac

My wife replaced her Windows laptop with a MacBook Pro and here are my thoughts:

  • The MacBook Pro is awesome (a little expensive, but awesome).
  • I love the multi-touch touch pad is great. I am getting so used to the multi-touch gestures that I am trying to use them on my Dell laptop! (I cant wait for Microsoft’s surface to come to Windows machines).
  • The simplicity in design, the form factor and all make the MacBook Pro very convenient to do everyday activities – browse the net, email, view pictures, compose documents.

Though, as a lifetime Windows user I am still having trouble getting used to the Mac interface. (like the maximize button does not really maximize the window).

How much ever I like the MacBook’s styling the one thing I do feel at this time is that the MacBook can work only as a secondary machine. Windows will have to be the primary machine just because over the years I have gathered all the tools that allow me to get the maximum out of my Windows machine (not to forget the fact that I am a “Windows” based applications developer). Case in point – I have not found a good free replacement for Windows Live Writer for the Mac.

As I continue using the MacBook, I will blog about how I feel about it as well as blog about how to different things on the Mac, when you come from a Windows background.

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