Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Google My Maps – RTD Call n Ride service areas

While looking for a house in Denver, one of my requirements has been that the house should be close to the light-rail corridor. To verify the requirement I would check the address in Google Maps, but I could never determine if the house fell into a Call-N-Ride area. So I created this map based on GIS data that was available on the RTD site.

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From RTD’s website: RTD call-n-Ride is a unique curb-to-curb transportation service, taking riders to and from destinations within a designated geographic service area. Riders can travel from home to work, shopping, doctor's appointments and return home from any other destination within the geographic boundaries of each call-n-Ride service area. call-n-Ride vehicles are small buses and are wheelchair accessible. The service is also designed to connect with many RTD park-n-Rides, other RTD bus routes and light rail for travel throughout the metro area. Best of all, call-n-Ride costs the same as a Local cash fare.
Service Areas
RTD currently operates 19 call-n-Rides throughout the metro area. Click on the call-n-Ride areas below to find more information about the service including service area boundaries and contact information.

(data downloaded on 09.02.2009)

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