Sunday, August 03, 2008

Don't even think of putting an iPhone code snippet online....

jobs Don't even think of putting an iPhone code snippet online.... For that matter, don't blog about the SDK or even have a user group meeting, cause if you do, you will be in violation of the non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Here is a good blog post on the restrictive (overly restrictive, IMHO) NDA Honoring your NDA and terms of use and the iPhone SDK

Here is the gist:

  1. You can't post a code snippet that uses the iPhone SDK.
  2. You can't meet with other developers or have a iPhone SDK user group.
  3. You can't write a book on the SDK.
  4. You cannot OpenSource your cool iPhone app.
  5. You obviously cannot sell the iPhone app on your own.... no you must use the iPhone app store!

1196198523233mm1You have got to wonder how Apple expects more developers to come on-board with their new SDK. Especially with the competition heating up (read Google Android and Windows Mobile) you would think Apple would try to make it fun for developers to work with their iPhone platform. Seems like Apple has the myopic view of protecting current revenue streams, instead of trying to get cool apps developed that makes its iPhone platform the only one people would like to have because of the myriad applications available for it. (It is for this very reason that I have never considered an Apple desktop as a replacement for my 3 Windows machines at home).

Apple, will you never learn?

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