Sunday, August 24, 2008

Get your iPhone off of the power grid

Mobile 2 Energy (M2E) is a startup that is building a charger that will be powered by your movement. Remember the Forever Flashlights that were being sold via infomercials? This new charger seems to be using a similar technology and is based on Faraday's law. M2E is a venture built on research done at the Idaho National Laboratories and its technology finds use not only in every-day consumer products like chargers but also is used by the military.


According to the company - 2 days of ordinary movement will build enough electricity in the device to be able to charge a mobile phone completely. Not sure when the product will actually be available on the store shelves. What a cool way to go green.

My only wish for this product, is that they should make the charger a little more like a pedometer. That would make it a fun and an useful device.

via M2E’s Motion-Powered Gadget Charger’s Got AC, Too « Earth2Tech

Charger on the M2E website:

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