Thursday, April 09, 2009

Capture text - CopyText

CopyText_dlgOne of the most important tools that I have in my applications toolbox is a screen capture utility (I have SnagIt for my personal machines and Faststone Capture 5.3 for my work machine). There is almost no day that goes by when I have to flip one of these applications out and take a screen shot (especially because I blog so much).

But recently, I needed a tool that would copy text from an application. After much searching I found CopyText. CopyText copies text from any window and its free.



The usage of this tool is a little tricky though.

You need to create a shortcut for the app and drop it in your Start Menu.

Next you need to assign a short-cut key to shortcut.

Finally, start up the app that you want to capture text from, activate the window that you wish to copy the text out of and then hit the short-cut key to start up CopyText.

The controls from your window should show up in the Use drop-down of CopyText. Select the control/user-interface element that contains the text you are after and hit “Copy Found”.

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