Monday, April 06, 2009

Viewing the list of TFS Portals in SharePoint

As an administrator you might need to view the list of Team Project portals running on your TFS SharePoint instance. Here is how:

1. Go to the TFS SharePoint Central Administration site. (Typically the address is : http://TFSServer:17012/).
note: The 17012 – is the port for the Central Administration site and might be different for your TFS installation.

2. Enter the address “http://TFSServer:17012/_admin/SiteCollections.aspx”on your toolbar and click GO. This will take you to the TFS SharePoint Central Administration site’s Site Collection list page.

Alternatively, you could go to the “Application Management” tab


And select “Site collection list” under SharePoint Site Management.


3. Make sure that the Web Application selected in the drop-down list on the right hand top corner is the TFS project portal site instance and not the central administration portal instance.


You should now be able to view all the Team Project portals running as part of your TFS installation.


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