Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Google releases CADIE

Google today released its CADIE (Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity) – artificial intelligence technology into beta. The technology is supposed to aid us in simplifying many of the tasks that we do on the internet. As Google is the jumping off point for the majority of the Internet users, the belief is that the technology can end up saving massive amounts of time and increase productivity by 10%.

VLS’s Feature Analyst and LIDAR Analyst:

It is worth noting that the CADIE technology was first used in Feature Analyst and LIDAR Analyst to help in automated feature detection. The technology is the reason behind the 110% accuracy in feature detection as the “Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity”, (term first coined by Abraham Konda), is able to learn and understand the feature under extraction and auto-extracts it. Dr. A. Phooles (Harvard University), believes that this technology will gain wide-spread acceptance, even though in the short-run people might have privacy misgivings about it.

Here is how CADIE is being used in various Google apps:

GMail – AutoPilot by Cadie – Like a human clone sitting at Google

image GMail today released into beta “AutoPilot by CADIE”. The technology is supposed to allow you to kick auto-responses up a notch, by making them look authentic. The auto-responses are not just canned messages, but actually understand the information in incoming messages and respond appropriately.

The coolest part of the technology is that you can have 2 GMail accounts setup with AutoResponders and once you send a preliminary email, the 2 accounts can begin conversing with each other for a very long time.

To test it out, log in to your GMail account and click on “New! GMail AutoPilot”:




CADIE technology is also being applied to GoogleMaps to automatically suggest places to visit based on your previous map searches.

Google Images:

CADIE will continuously find and suggest images that will make those who view the images - happy. The hope is that the happy worker will be a more productive worker.

All your personal World Wide Website belong to CADIE


Anonymous said...

Wow this is amazing technology! I've always been impressed with Feature Analyst/Lidar Analyst, but to see Google copying VLS technology is really the sincerest form of flattery! I've heard that VLS has some really great minds working for them, especially that Scott Bouma guy! I also heard, though, that some of their best talent recently left VLS to work for some government agency in Denver =(

abraham n konda said...

old news, VLS announced today that they have bought Google, their main competitor, for 150 billion$, 50% cash and 50% stock. thae cash come from the TARP and TALF funds that are freely available.

also forgot to mention VLSs Sean Oman after being nominated for a nobel prize in literature for his novel "Living on the edge: a real life story on edge extraction" has left the company to join as facebooks CFO.