Thursday, September 11, 2008

American Start-Up Town — Boulder

An interesting article from "The American" on how over the last 15 years Boulder has become a magnet for entrepreneurs. Especially Tech-Start ups.

Start-Up Town — The American, A Magazine of Ideas

As Boulder is just outside Denver, I have had many chances to go to this city and take part in many of events. I love Boulder as it feels very much like Missoula. In addition - it has an excellent university. The city values it outdoor spaces and has a very bohemian vibe to it. What I have found amazing about Boulder is the number of startups and angel investors are based out of here. In addition the university holds many meetups for startups (The new start up one and the green-tech meetup are 2 that I enjoy very much). (Google's GoogleEarth branch, Microsoft's Virtual Earth groups are also based in this city).

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