Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Missoula GIS Professional Profiled

Landscape artist: Technician plots city's urban fringe - Missoulian

The Missoulian profiles a City Of Missoula's GIS mapping analyst.



A print called “Right Map Making” also decorates her office. It's a mapmaker's creed of sorts that calls on the professionals to use their skills to create a better future. Wilson said the author, Steven Holloway, taught her first digital cartography class at UM, and she continues to think about his principles.

The print opens with two quotes: “The most obvious characteristic of our age is its destructiveness.”
And “The problem for the maker of maps being that our maps are, in part, engaged in the active and wanton destruction of the world. Thus awakened, we vow to take right effort and engage in cartographic disobedience, map making ‘for a future to be possible.' Unacceptable it is not to act.”

From the Missoulian (Sep 14, 2008)

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