Saturday, September 06, 2008

iRinger Turns Music and Video Files into iPhone Ringtones

via LifeHacker

Windows only: Desktop app iRinger converts any video or music file into an iPhone ringtone, including YouTube videos. You already saw how to make a ringtone using only iTunes, but iRinger brings audio effects (like fade in and out, flanger, and delay) and video support to its single, simple interface. You can download any YouTube clip, for example, and import it into iRinger to create a tone.



  • Convert virtually any audio format into an iPhone ringtone
  • Extracts audio out of video
  • Choose which section of the audio you want to hear
  • Adjust ringtone length, volume, fade in, fade out and loop gap
  • Export to iPhone ringtone format and import right into iTunes
  • Export to iPhone using SCP/SFTP and skip using iTunes
  • Use audio effects: Delay, Flanger, Boost, Reverse, etc.
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