Friday, September 26, 2008

QCoherent Software announces the release of LP360/Classify Version 1.6

lp360_dvd_adQCoherent Software, announced the release of LP360 v1.6 and LP360 Classify v1.6 today.toolbelt

New features in LP360 v1.6 include:

  • LAS 1.2 Support
  • Enhanced Export Features
  • Quick Display Filters and Copy Legend Options
  • Draped Profile Lines by Point Source (flight line) attribute
  • Integrated ArcGIS Breakline Digitizing tools
  • On-The-Fly Topology Corrections for Breaklines

If you process large amounts of LIDAR data then in my opinion I think you should have both LIDAR Analyst and LP360 in your tool-belt.

vls  LIDAR Analyst provides you with automated tools to perform classification on large elevation data-sets (both point clouds and DEMs). But as we all know - any automated tool, will make mistakes. It is for those cases that a tool such as LP360 becomes extremely useful. As an interactive editing and QA/QC tool - LP360 is one of the best I have seen. It handles the display of really huge point cloud efficiently and provides you with an awesome set of tools that allow you to leverage your classified data (that LIDAR Analyst output).

And now with the release of LPObjectsT (their API into LP360), you can create new tools that use both LIDAR Analyst features (through the Feature Analyst API) and LP360 features using their new API.

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