Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome - Initial Thoughts

  • Just like the Google Search page, Google Chrome is nice and clean. Very little clutter in the form of buttons, etc.
  • It is fast. Start-up is fast and loading pages like and is noticeably faster.


  • The UI is slick and renders fast.
  • Most sites work with Chrome: (below a screen shot of FaceBook in Google Chrome)

FaceBook in Google Chrome

  • The new version of Hotmail does not work in Chrome and it automatically takes you to the old Hotmail format web-page. (The not so web2.0 one).


I am sure there is a flurry of activity today at Microsoft where they are trying to figure out how to make IE better. I am also sure that it was by no coincidence that Google waited until IE8 was almost ready for release (it is in beta right now and has been in development since 2006) before they announced Chrome. This will definitely make it hard for Microsoft to catch up with the innovations that we are seeing in Chrome.

But, I am excited - I am sure with Google's release of Chrome - we are going to see a battle of one-up-manship, which will ultimately lead to a better browser for us the consumer.

The only thing I dont like about Chrome at this point is its name.... it doesnt lend itself to being acronymized. (Internet Explorer is IE and FireFox is FF to me).

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