Thursday, September 18, 2008

ASP.Net - Tip

Do you have a user control or a custom server control that you use in all your pages? Did you know that instead of registering the control on each and every page using:

<%@ Register TagPrefix="ucYouth" TagName="YouthInfo" Src="~/controls/YouthInfoUserControl.ascx" %>

You can register the controls in your web.config.

Under <Configuration><System.Web> add the following sections to register your controls site wide.

        <!--Register custom user controls-->
        <add tagPrefix="tgp1" tagName="tagName" src="~/controls/myFirstUserControl.ascx"/>
        <!--Register custom server controls --assembly name is without extension (.dll)-->
        <add tagPrefix="tgp2" assembly="assemblyName" namespace="assemblyNameSpace"/>

You can now use any of the controls in any page in your site - without having to register them on the page.

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