Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Microsoft Access: Error 3075 and Function is not available in expressions


If you get the "3075: Reserved Error" while opening a report in Access, then here is one probable cause for it:

The references in your project might be bad.

This is especially true if you experience the error only with MDE files running on production machines but doesnt occur on development machines.

In my case, a reference to a missing DAO library was causing a query that was being used by the report to fail with the following error "Function is not available in expressions in query expression ....":


To diagnose the issue here are the instructions of what you need to do:

  1. Open the MDB file. (MDE files wont allow you to browse the references in a project).
  2. Press CTRL + G. This will bring up the Visual Basic code window
  3. Go to Tools -> References.
  4. Check to see whether any of the references are listed as missing.
  5. If not compare the list of references to what you see when performing the above steps on a machine where you dont get this error. Make sure that both machines are using the same set of references.

Here is an example of what you might see... image

I fixed my issue by making sure that both development and production machines were using DAO 3.7 libraries.

Here is some more information about the "Function is not available..." error from Microsoft. (KB 194374). And even though the page says that it is a problem in Access 97, I found this problem in Access 2003.

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